Philosophy CEH

Our philosophy is simple "the best service with the best materials produces the best project".  We have always fought for sustainability and quality in our services, something that has allowed us to participate in a multitude of international projects while achieving the best results in all of them.



All of our goals are based on our one and only real objective, your tranquility and welfare which is linked to that of the environment around you.


• Lower construction costs and increased value of your end asset.


• Reduction in waste sent to treatment plants.


• Power conservation of energy and water during the life of the house.


• Health and safety for the inhabitants of the residence.


• Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.







Weather conditions and the resources available in the area is what makes up the ratio of elements needed and considered to reduce the environmental impacts caused by a housing development. Currently the concept of bioclimatic house is becoming increasingly stronger in the market but in reality it is still something quite unknown to the general mass of society.

CEH has decided to bring the concepts a little closer to the end user by offering some visual details of a bioclimatic architecture and the best choice for your future home.

Our concept of bioclimatism is based on design of the house taking special advantage of the local weather conditions and resources available at the location, sun, vegetation, rainfall, etc. While avoiding as much as possible the emission of CO2 into the environment.



"Discover what bioclimatism is in our explanatory video"